Hipnodelic Hometown Hero Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Square

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Square

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Hometown Hero's Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Squares are a gourmet baked good with the tingly flavors of cinnamon sugar and gooey melted marshmallows paired with the soft embrace of Delta-8.Handcrafted by a locally-owned artisan bakery in Texas, it's not just a Delta-8 edible. It's a gourmet treat with naturally derived Delta-8. With 400mg of Delta-8 THC, scored into four 100mg squares to help you share or save more for later, it's not just the cinnamon that's getting mellowed out!
  • 400mg of Delta-8 scored in 100mg quarters for easy sharing or dividing.
  • Crafted to perfection at an artisan bakery in Austin, Texas.
  • Consumable, meaning longer-lasting effects, and fewer things to carry when you’re out. 
  • Contains natural Delta-8 extracted from hemp grown here in the U.S.A.